I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful design made by Wojtek from Balance Lamp (@balancelamp). Such a kind-hearted person. Definitely worth checking out, he designs and creates beautiful products. He made this lamp for me after I asked him if he could design something that fits my need to restyle constantly. It’s based on a design I saw on his Instagram. This lamp could be used as a hanging lamp, a wall lamp or a table lamp. I just love the multifunctional aspect of it! Right now I really love it as a wall lamp, I gave it a prominent spot in my living room. I asked Wojtek some questions to learn a little bit more about him. Read the story below!

About Wojtek Olech
I live in Torun, Poland. The city where Nicolaus Copernicus was born. It’s the guy who put the “flat” earth in motion. Torun is an old Gothic city but, as a local, it doesn’t impress me that much anymore. I definitely prefer a city with an eclectic structure, modernist architecture and people with a positive mindset and who teem with life.

My education is quite different from my current occupation. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the photography department. For 13 years I have been interested in industrial design from the mid-century modern period. In 2010 I started to collect and renovate old lighting mainly from the Bauhaus period. During the process of renovation, I became more and more fascinated by the craft of designing objects – built to last. This was the beginning of my journey.

About Balance Lamp
In the above-mentioned period, I worked in the advertising industry until I felt the time was right for me to decide I wanted to chase my passion and do what makes me truly happy. The process was not easy because I changed my career dramatically. All of a sudden I had to learn a lot of technical aspects. But ever since, I do not feel like I’m working. My designs are inspired by Modern and mid-century architecture. For instance, the Bauhaus school, De Stijl and the Memphis Group. I’m also very much inspired by geometric shapes and minimalism.

About the future
I must say, my dreams are very modest. My goal for the near future is a bigger studio, but everything in time. It may sound strange, but I don’t want to run a large company. I believe in good craftsmanship above all. There is a lot of beauty in the process of making my designs by hand. I would miss the direct contact I have with my customers. And of course the manual work, the precision it takes, the quality control etc. I must admit that at this stage, as a one-man company, I have a lot of sketches in my notebook, which I cannot do for technical reasons yet, but I keep improving myself everyday. I believe that that’s so important.

About custom work
You received the prototype of this lamp and after just this short period of time, I know what I could do to improve it. Many clients ask me about individual projects, even with handwritten sketches. I love to discuss the details with clients and make a lamp that inspires them as much as it does me. A lot of customers find me on instagram  or directly through my Etsy Store, here.


Let me know what you think of this beautful lamp! And make sure to check out Wojtek’s other great designs on his instagram!


Love & warmth,


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