City trip to Antwerp!

Two weeks flew by since our little get away to Antwerp. Sweet Sumeyye Ata invited us to her home, where she rents an apartment and a loft. We were lucky enough to spend a night in both of them! It’s been a while since our last visit to Antwerp so we were very excited to do some exploring to refresh our memory. Sadly I came down with a cold, but we’ve made the best of it!

Sumeyye’s home is located in Borgerhout. She bought this home a few years ago and is renovating ever since. It’s an impressive place with lots of its original details. And although the signs of the renovation are clearly there, it’s a warm and inviting environment. She rents two amazing places for the perfect overnight stay, or location for photo shoots. You can read more details on her new website. I’ve made a lot of photos for you to get an impression. But the best part is, you can experience it for yourself! Continue to read for an exciting give away!

Boho City // Apartment
This apartment feels very light and open. With lots of warm tones and soft materials. It’s warm and welcoming to live in. A big plus for me was the bathtub. We don’t have one at home and I love taking a long, hot bath. For an absolute care free stay the apartment has everything you need; a perfect minimal white kitchen, warm and cosy living room and a spacious open bedroom.

BoHo City // Loft
The Loft on the other hand has a more cool toned, industrial feeling to it. An amazing space we enjoyed very much! It is perfect for the modern millennial to stay in. Sumeyye and her husband both have a good eye for materials and how to use spaces to its best advantage.


We visited the MSKA (Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen). As we wanted to see the James Lee Byers exposition ‘The Perfect Kiss’. We also visited the MAS (Museum Aan de Stroom) A must go if you’ve never been there!

I must admit, Antwerp has some very cool places you can visit. All the amazing stores and interesting places pleasantly surprised me. So different from what we’re used to in Utrecht. One of my favourites stores was St. Vincent. A must visit as an interior lover. Such a beautiful place!

We loved the ‘Kloosterstraat’; the perfect street to shop new vintage and design items for your home. And the ‘Nationalestraat’ is a good place to wonder around and get to know and see a different side of Antwerp besides the city centre. This is where we came across a lot of cool boutique shops and design stores. The GAEST store was one of them, a concept store with all the brands you want to shop.

We lunched at the Hummus Bar. Perfect for vegetarians and people who eat vegan. But they also have some tasty dishes for meat lovers. This probably was the best lunch ever! So delicious. (And even the interior was stunning!)

For afternoon tea and coffee we went to Vitrin, a small corner restaurant at the ‘Marnixplaats’ that had the best no nonsense interior. The place was small but packed with locals (we think). Just a fun place to relax and enjoy good company.

And we had to go to Domestic. This super cute place sells the most delicious pastries and sweets. It’s everything a real pastry lover needs. Very French! They had two rooms completely styled in two themed colours; ochre, yellow and pink. Very over the top. But super cool.

Give Away
And now the good part! Together with Sumeyye I’m giving away an overnight stay for two people (max. 3) at the Boho Apartment or the loft. The choice is yours! You are free to choose the moment you want to stay there, obviously in consultation with Sumeyye. Participating is very easy, just follow me @michieljbosman and @sumeyye.ata and tag two friends! And of course feel free to share this give away with your friends! A super fun getaway for you and your loved one. Or you can go with your Instagram bestie! Who on Instagram would you like to share a city trip to Antwerp with!? Let me know in the comment underneath the photo I shared announcing the give away! I’ll be announcing the winner next Monday, november 19th.

Of course Antwerp has a lot more to offer. I am curious to know what your recommendations are!

Warmth and love,




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