JUNG LS1912 – the perfect light switches

JUNG – LS1912 light switches

I’m finally able to share some more about the lighting in our home. Somehow really underestimated the time between being done with painting the walls and installing the new JUNG LS1912 switches we got from JUNG. Renovating can come in unexpected ways I guess! There was still so much that needed to be done. Like painting the architraves and put in the new flooring that installing them would be quite the risk. Meanwhile we needed to prepare things for downstairs. So all and all it’s been a period of a thousands tasks at once. We can almost focus on the details, one of them being the light switches!

JUNG light switches

We were able to install them in the three rooms upstairs and we couldn’t be happier! The rooms immediately feel much more finished! Even though we still need to replace the glass and paint the windows, make covers for the radiators and put up new curtains. Focus a bit more on the details feels great and gives me hope that this ‘renovation life’ isn’t forever. 


Styling and installing the LS1912 switches

I shared a sneak peek here and there on Instagram. But the switches we used are the LS1912 rocker switches cylindrical rocker switches from JUNG. We wanted switches that would match the time period of our home, which is 1914. The rocker switch would fit the time period of our home best, we discovered. We wanted something modern, but minimal as well. Shortly after I discovered these beauty’s at the home of the fabulous Tim Labenda and we immediately fell in love! The minimal design and luxe material really spoke to us. We obviously chose classic brass, as we incorporated brass more around the house. But there are some other interesting options in materials and styles as well. They were super easy to assemble, if I can do it, so do you!

assembling LS1912 switches
JUNG LS1912 light switch

About JUNG and the LS 1912 design

The rocker switch replaced the rotary switch around the beginning of the 1920s. As well as functionality, the straightforward, easy to use switch has an aesthetic level for the first time.
Purist design and innovation have been combined at JUNG since 1912. The company is continuing this tradition and applying it in a modern way. The name of the new switch is a tribute to the foundation year of JUNG.
When Albrecht Jung founded his company in 1912, three things were important to him: progress, quality and design. These principles have characterized JUNG to date and are noticeable and can be experienced in all parts of the company.

Options in your light switch design

The switch mechanism is designed so that the cover closes flush with the frame. The rocker switch, cover and switch mechanism have been modularly developed for LS1912 so that no screws for the fixing are visible. Only the rocker lever stands out from the unit as a particular style element. The LS1912 with cylindrical rocker switch is available in classic brass, stainless steel, aluminium and dark. Next to the cylindrical switch, there is also the option for a cone or a cube switch. We chose the cylindrical switch because we felt it would the best match with the doorhandles.

JUNG light switches
Michiel Bosman home

It’s such an important part of everyday life, it makes it even more important to choose for good quality switches that match your home and needs the best. The combination between the modern switch and the classic doorhandles we think is striking, it proves that details do really matter!

I will write a second blog about our lighting and lighting plan when the renovation downstairs is coming to it’s end and we installed all our switches (and actually put some lights up!).

Stay save,


This blog was written in collaboration with JUNG and the featured switches were kindly gifted. 

Date & Time

april 24, 2020