MJbosman april 2, 2020

We’ve been feeling great and well rested, probably because of our new bed! I must admit, I’m feeling extra grown up now we have a decent, beautifully made bed. 

We still slept in a bed we made ourselves around three years ago, when we first moved to our previous home. Because we weren’t the kind of handymen we are today, it really needed to be replaced. There were some options for bed I really liked but my number one definitely was the Modest bed by Loof. 

I’ve worked with Loof in the past for Piled on the move, so I was very familiar with the quality and look and feel of their furniture. 

About Loof
The company has a long family history. The company was founded in 1946, starting as a small furniture factory that specialized in wooded beds. The company had great succes under the brand name Treco. In 2008, Ward van Zandvoort followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather and took over the furniture company, which has been operating under the name Loof since 2016. An inspiring name that does justice to the heart of the matter: wood. Birch, solid Oak and Beech extracted from sustainably managed European forests. This is the high-quality basis for every bed.

The Modest bed
In collaboration with designer Justin Jorissen, they have taken a dressed-down approach to the traditional bed, returning to it’s fundamental elements. By determining what is essential in a bed and leaving unnecessary details out of consideration, they came to a bed whose name says it all: Modest. The Modest bed is made of Beech wood with an soap finish. This traditional finish protects the wood and ensures a natural look, the wood looks almost unfinished. The soap that is used is based on vegetable oils.

It’s exactly what we wanted, simple, good quality bed made out of beautiful wood to last for a life time. And for us it has another big plus, since we’re not really fans of nightstands besides our bed. This bed is designed with extra space on the sides, perfect for essentials like your phone, watch or other small items you need at your side! 

The beech that is used is harvested in the various wooded areas that Bosnia knows. The beech wood is steamed with care to improve the quality and to maintain the naturally cream-white color. The fine fiber structure that is characteristic of beech wood gives the bed a soft finish.

The Modest bed is super easy to assemble. Because it’s made out of solid wood you definitely need a strong pair of hands to put it at it’s place. For more practical info about the Modest bed, or just to get inspired, check this page!

I really feel this bed is the perfect addition to our bedroom, and it’s such a good match with the sea grass carpet! Cant wait for our closet being finished to see the results together as a whole. 

A big thank you to Loof for working with me again, it’s always a pleasure to work with inspiring, forward thinking compagnies.