– styling the MET media furniture

I teamed up with to introduce you to and style the MET media furniture. During these weary times we need to make sure that our home is a safe haven, and what’s a better way to create a soulful and creative atmosphere then by re-styling your furniture? For this stay-at-home assignment I’ve used the MET media furniture from their Sideboards collection. Together we will show you three ways to create different settings in your home while staying true to a minimal and still life aesthetic and approach.

MET media furniture
minimal styling


For those of you who don’t know yet, they are a startup brand that design and produce unique furniture & accessories. As a young creative brand they focus on key elements. They care about our planet and environment. Most of their products are shipped flat-packed and they use smart assembly methods to avoid any frustration while building up your newest piece of furniture. Isn’t that everything you want?

Their collections are here to stay and to accompany you each day. For the look and feel of their collections they always play with timeless shapes and high quality materials. The combinations are always clean and modern. Which of course is a perfect fit to my aesthetic and our home. So you can understand that I couldn’t wait to play with the MET media furniture!


As you all now I am a big fan of monochrome homes and play with subtile hues of colors within my home. For this first setting I’ve tried to play with different textures and naturel materials to keep it monochrome but interesting as well. The color of the MET media furniture is New White, perfect if you like soft and neutral colors. To get that monochrome look I’ve used accessories like a lamp, the carpet and bowl within the same color range as the cabinet.

To give it a little contrast I’ve combined this with the wooden vase and some branches. And added the black coffee table to make it a little more exciting. Did you now that also sells side tables and coffee tables? This Ande Side Table would be the perfect fit to create the same vibe in your own home!

sideboards and media furniture furniture

Hide the unnecessary and display your favorite essentials


Of course I needed to play with some still life vibes as well and tried to make it a little classy by adding some timeless pieces and accessories I’ve been collecting over the years. For this setting we used the Met media furniture but placed in our bedroom. I love the clash between the modern shape of the Met furniture and the naturel seagrass carpet.

Here I’ve used some more darker accessories to set a more moody vibe. Together with some rich details like brass and a smoked oak chair, you have created the perfect space for relaxation and a corner to read a book in.

new works &tradition
classic styling


And for a little adventure I’ve added some colour to our living room. I played with coloured accessories in this styling. I might not show it very often, but I do love color very much. Did you know that the MET media furniture is available in different, exciting colors. I can imagine that this terracotta version would be great in a more colorful interior.

For this styling I spiced it up with interesting shapes, materials and colors. I played with some pastel tones and added flowers to give it a soft summer vibe! It think this works very well, maybe we need to experiment a little more with color in our home in the future! What do you think?

MET media furniture

What styling do you prefer the most? Do you like it colorful or goes your heart out to a more minimal vibe? I’m curious to know! A big thank you goes out to, for kindly gifting me this wonderful piece or furniture. What design could you see for yourselves in your home? Let me know in the comments down below!

Have a great day and stay safe.



Date & Time

juni 10, 2020