Poetry of cleaning – with Field Day Goods

As you may have noticed I’m on a mission to live more eco-friendly. And that simply means having a lifestyle that’s less burdening to the environment. It’s all about taking small steps and changing the things you can on a personal level. I want to share some cleaning tips with you, since I received some beautiful cleaning materials from Field Day Goods. It really makes cleaning your home much more fun! I asked Lois from Field Day to tell a little bit about herself. She wrote a fun little story for me. And keep reading to find my three easy all natural cleaning tips

About Field Day Goods
Being a mom of 8 children – and all very close together in age – the most important to me is that family comes first.   I chose to stay at home and raise my own children when they were little, which caused me to use my imagination as to what I can do at home to earn an income, yet include the kids at the same time.  This is where “fieldday” came into being.  The meaning of field day; a gathering of unusual pleasures, doing something different, and away from the usual. So we turned a part of our house into a wood work shop, and began making household goods, such as tables, breadboards, and hand carved kitchen utensils as well as sewing linen goods.  We do this together as a family and the children also love to help package up orders and take photos of our products.  They don’t love walking on wood shavings in the house though.  Very often I have no clue what I am doing, but the best part is that we are having fun make things we love, and I learn as I go.  Behind the scenes we have begun working on making a linen clothing collection which we are hoping to launch by next summer.  We love everything simple and natural which is how we live, as farmers, in the prairies of Manitoba Canada.

Three tips to get you started
The best advice I can give is to just take it step by step, and attack one room in your house at a time. Do you need a new toothbrush? Buy one that’s made of eco-friendly bamboo. Are your plastic containers ready to be replaced? Buy a lunchbox that’s made of foodsafe stainless steel. Also annoyed by all the plastic whilst grocery shopping? Go to the foodmarket if you can (a lot cheaper too!). By making all these small adjustments you can achieve a lot and really make a difference!

1. You can easily use a green soap bar (as used in the pictures) for your cleaning water. Just shave your soap above your bucket and it will easily dissolve in the warm water. Use a steel or metal bucket if you can. I just replaced our plastic one for metal. I found it at the thriftshop. But only because it really needed to be replaced off course. The one I use in the picture is an old tub from my grandparents.

2. I really love the Marcel’s Green all-purpose cleaning soap, which I found at Dille & Kamille. It smells so so good! Its made of all naturel ingredients and the container is made out of recyclable plastic. Your wastewater will eventually end up in water treatment plants, so it’s much more safe and less costly to step away from cleaning products with lots of toxic ingredients (bleach, for instance). Better for you, better for the environment.

3. Try to use a duster, like I do, or just old pieces of cotton fabric. Microfiber cloths are very harmful for the environment. You can also invest in all natural cleaning cloths, like the ones I received from Field Day Goods. The small ones are made of hemp and can also be use for cleaning your body.

I could keep writing on and on about this subject; so definitely let me know if this is something you would like to read more about! Next up is a blog about the product changes I’m making in our bathroom. And make sure to check out Lois and her amazing brand Field Day. You can find them on Instagram @fielddaygoods.


Love and warmth,





These products were kindly gifted by Lois from Field Day. I love supporting brands that inspire me and I only work with brands that fit my personal style and share my principals.

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