Table manners #15 – mugs with handles!

Staring the new year with a bang!

Happy new year everyone! I don’t know if I’m still allowed to say that after the ninth of January, but nonetheless, I’m wishing you all the very best for the new year to come! So much has changed for us the past year, with our moving to a new home and part of the country as one of the big highlights. The renovation is going great, so far so good! We’re super busy as you can imagine! But you are not here to read about our renovation, but because there finally is a new blog up for ‘table manners’! And that’s a good thing for all ceramic lovers out there! I started this serie two years ago and in the meantime I’ve gotten the change to photograph some amazing ceramics. Maybe you remember the last blog I’ve written, it was about the lovely Emma Sophia Grout

Mugs with handles!

Looking back on the blogs I’ve written, I see a strange pattern going on: almost none of the mugs have a handle! Maybe because I prefer mugs without handles? Maybe because ceramist don’t make a lot of mugs with handles anymore? I don’t know – but what I do know is that I’ve fallen in love with cups with ‘ears’ again! And a nice side effect is that I don’t burn my fingers while drinking tea (happening as we speak actually…)

Luckily we have instagram as our endless source of inspiration to find some of the greatest mugs! I’ve teamed up with Christina from Crooked garden; Irina from  I and You ceramics; Evi Radoes and  Robynn Storgaard to show off their beautiful mugs with handles. There is a special place for the cup made by Sonja from Sole Ceramics because it’s the first piece that was ever send to me to photograph, still use it a lot!

About Crooked garden

The Japanese use the word ‘Wabi-Sabi’, which means looking at the world with an acceptance for imperfection, and through that, seeing beauty. That is what Crooked Garden stands for. The beauty of imperfection. Of character, of flaws, of cherishing the charasteristic crookedness that we carry in all of us. Crooked Garden was born somewhere around 2017, during a stressful graduation year at art school. Pinching pots proved to be the perfect vessel for Christina’s need for making im-perfect things.

About I and You Ceramics

I&You Ceramics is a brand of modern handmade ceramics. It is a collection of mugs, vases, plates and pots produced in a small batch. Each piece is unique Irina’s work is distinguished by simple geometric forms and vibrant natural colours. She combines her love for Scandinavian design with Mediterranean nature, making nordic minimalism occur with a gentle warmth of the south.

About Evi Radoes

During a 5 year ceramic course at the Academie of Haspengouw Evi Radoes fell in love with ceramics. Since 2018 she has a little studio in Sint-Truiden, Belgium. Her background as an architect has contributed to her view on design. In her work she is always looking for serenity. Clean shapes, lines and soft colours that bring her peace.

About Robynn Storgaard

Robynn Storgaard is a Copenhagen based maker and creative working in Frederiksberg & Gentofte. Every object Robynn makes is ‘For the Sake of Keeping’ an idea which evolved out of practicing a conscious lifestyle; it’s a call to simple, well made objects that can last generations, and that bring joy to the simple tasks in life. Objects we know as keepsakes. Produced in small batches in her studio, each object is handmade and intended to be treasured.

About Sole Ceramics

If you happen to find yourself one day wandering the back streets of Perth, keep your eyes peeled for a curious sight that might behold you. On the verandah of an ordinary-looking cottage often sits a woman straddling a pottery wheel. There, she shapes slab after slab of earthenware clay into petite mugs and vases, her hands bathed in russet-toned slurry as she works. That woman is Sonja Danilovic! Danilovic’s main gig is as the creative director of Nude Design Studio, a graphic design business she co-founded with her partner John Durey around a decade ago.

A big thank you goes out to these sweet ladies for gifting me the ceramics I used for creating this blog. Curious to know what you think of the photo’s! And what do you prefer – with or without handle? Anyway, have a great evening!

Love, Michiel

the ceramic cups I used for this blog were kindly gifted by the featured designers


Date & Time

januari 11, 2020