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It’s finally here you guys, my first blog in English! I’m a bit nervous and anxious about it. So definitely let me know what you’re thinking!

A few weeks back I received some amazing new table pegs from PrettyPegs and I asked you all to help me choose which ones to get. I had the option to choose between white, black and chrome coloured pegs. Ultimately I went for the chrome pegs because I felt like they complimented our table top the best. PrettyPegs has a wide range of legs, not only for your table but also for the rest of your furniture. Check them out here. I was tempted to pick the black pegs and also paint our table top black but I’m really happy I didn’t. Although I’m still not very thrilled about our table top and the way it looks now. I would like to change it, but the thing is, I’ve made this table together with my sister and brother in law and I feel I have to honour our hard work and not cover up all the beautiful wood that it’s made of. But I also feel like I’ve outgrown it as a table since I’ve had it for years now, but it is still very suitable as a desk! And that’s what Pretty Pegs is all about, repurpose our old furniture. So the idea for this project was born!

About PrettyPegs
PrettyPegs was founded in Sweden in 2012. They specialise in furniture accessories that adds personality to your IKEA furniture and extending it’s lifetime. Something I applaud as an interior lover who’s living in a rapidly growing throwaway society. I’m all about giving something a second life and how cool is it to add some personal style while doing so.

PrettyPegs created the Pretty Movement. It’s a community where IKEA hacks are collected and shared with people all over the world. “Altogether, the movement aims to inspire upcycling – with a bit of imagination and creativity we can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. By re-imagining and upcycling your furniture, you tend to keep it a bit longer. And for each day its lifetime is extended – you’re doing something great for the environment!” Because the real challenge is to make people want to keep there furniture, and not trow it away too soon. I really love the story and craftmanship we’ve put into our dining table, so this way we can keep the table and give it a new purpose. The original legs from our table where very heavy looking. With this update the diningroom looks and feels much more light and fresh. Just the way I like it!

IKEA has some iconic designs and I think this is a great way to give them your personal touch if you wanted to and with this you’re also expanding the lifetime of your furniture. This way we will think longer and better about the things we throw away. This is something that crosses my mind a lot lately. So now that I’ve got a new desk, my search for a new table has started!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my story and please let me know your IKEA Hack so we all can be inspired!
And make sure to stay tuned for an upcoming blog about another exciting item from PrettyPegs, which I will use in a total uncoventional way!


With love,



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