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A new blog is up and this time it is about Talitha and Michael from ZWEI Design. They have a great passion for interior design and creating there own small furniture. We’ve had the most wonderful contact over the last couple of weeks and I must say they truly are such understanding and kind-hearted people. It makes it all the more special that I can share my love for this brand with you. Make sure to make it to the end as I will share a fun GIVE AWAY with you!

About ZWEI Design
Talitha and Michael Bainbridge are a German and American design couple working in the fields of interior design and small furniture. Regardless if they are designing interiors for public or private spaces or creating their own furniture and design objects, they strive to make good, quality design available.
Both Talitha and Michael are trained multi-media and graphic designers. Additionally, Talitha has studied interior design and Michael has a strong background in (online) marketing. Bringing together their strengths around a shared passion for space and all that fills it, they started ZWEI Design. (© ZWEI Design)

In my pictures you can see the White and Chrome AC Globe Table Lamp. This elegant table lamp fits perfectly within our personal interior style. But I can also imagine it in a more eclectic home. It’s a strong design on its own, but you can easily style it with your other favourite objects. For me it was love at first sight, but that probably has everything to do with my preference for table lamps and the combination of round shapes and natural materials!

You can also spot the Nickel Stand-Up Candle Holder. This candleholder comes in two variations, nickel and brass. I’m really into the look of nickel and chrome lately! And I must admit I also love combining chrome and brass objects in our home. This Candleholder is so much fun! You can style it the way you want by using different donuts. These Stand-Up Donuts come in various colours. I went for a more natural look and got the Oak and Maple ones.

And another favourite of mine is the Break-a-Leg Occasional Table 6! This really makes my design heart run a little faster. And I think it will suite our artsy home very well!


ZWEI Home Collection
The designs I mentioned are part of the ZWEI Home Collection. Talitha and Michael strive to make elegant objects that will hold their ground when alone, yet effortlessly sit in harmony with other well-known and beautiful designs. Their objects are based on clean, straightforward shapes; bold outlines and thoughtful use of materials. Check the collection here!

And now the best part of this blog! You can win the Nickel Stand-Up Candle Holder together with 2 Stand-Up Donuts to personalise your candle holder!. You can check out the different Donut colours here!
Participating is very easy. Make sure to follow me (@mjbosman) and ZWEI Design (@zweidesign) on Instagram and tag a friend, who would also love to win a Nickel Stand-Up Candle Holder with 2 Stand-Up Donuts, under the picture announcing this give away on my feed. I will contact the winner and ZWEI Design will take care of the rest! The winner will be announced next week, so make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram! Of course feel free to share this give away as much as you like!


I want to thank Talitha and Michael for making our work together so wonderful and giving me the opportunity to share my love for their designs with you!




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